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S Y N O P S I S :

When Holly was four, her mum Laura ran away from home in England.  Laura works as a nightclub singer in Finland but, whatever her reason leaving Essex in the late ‘90s she hasn’t left much of a trail behind her. She hasn’t spoken to her daughter Holly, since. When her dad dies, Holly decides it’s time to sort out this unfinished business. Holly’s attractive, gay, 25 and about to get married. She just needs her mum to answer a few questions first.  

THRILL is a character-led story of love, sex and messing up.  Drenched in sunlight, journeying through the stunning landscapes of the unfrozen Finnish north, THRILL is a summer feel-good film with a smart head, a generous heart and a striking sound track.  

The script is by Costa award-winning novelist Stef Penney (The Tenderness of Wolves) Nick Herrett and director Margaret Williams.   

THRILL will be a UK-Finland co-production. The development of the film to date has been supported by MEDIA, Screen Yorkshire and the POEM Finnish regional film fund.